Best customer service ever. Ben attended to my enquiry almost immediately and his solution worked like a miracle. My website was not accessible by Google chrome and it did not help that my IT skills are lousy – however he solved that problem so quickly; i have asked 5 other webhoster company’s technical support, none were able to help. This is one company you can trust and count your business out people!

To surf7 > keep up the good work!

Michelle ChuahKL, Malaysia

I personally want to say thanks a lot… if not in thousands. The blog is up. The redirection is working. It is just awesome. Your service is top notch. Don’t worry, I will be asking more with more friends coming in 😀

Joneh’s FamilySabah, Malaysia

Although our original Website was done many years ago (1999) it has stood the test of time with just some regular updates. Over the years we have referred SURF7 to some of our clients who were also pleased with the services provided.

J. McClurePrestige Communications Sdn Bhd

I am a IT Executive at Armstrong Auto Parts Sdn Bhd and we have been using Surf7 services since 2002. All I can say is GREAT!! Surf7 has always provided me with fast and friendly service.

Noor Faizul Abd GhaniArmstrong Auto Parts Sdn Bhd

The Internet is full of nasty surprises and a very long list of things falling under the “buyer beware” category. It’s a PLEASURE to deal with where there have been no such surprises and no negative experiences. The servers have been very sound and all my contacts with sales and technical support have been timely, technically competent and courteous. Thanks,, keep up the great work!


Hosting our website with is the right decision. We rely heavily on company email to communicate with our staffs, clients and vendors. Not only the server perform excellently, but also the support service from are so friendly.

William TeohWilmech Engineering Sdn Bhd

Surf7 is the fastest service I have ever seen. Earlier my sites were hosted on Canadian servers which took ages to load pages. Also the bandwidth limit is satisfactory. Thank you for your services. I hope to market your services in India. My sites are growing rapidly.

Shishir Gupta, Salah SoftwaresIndia

Know Surf7 through its work for about 5 years. Used its web script first and now host my websites through it. Great website designer and a super web host master. Very generous. Thanks Surf7.

Prashant BhekareMumbai, India