Streamyx Blockbuster Deals

How much you can save with Streamyx Blockbuster deals?

The latest promotion from Telekom Malaysia (TM) for its Streamyx broadband service is known as Blockbuster deals. Many people are still unaware of the huge savings they can enjoy with this Blockbuster deals promotion. Let us do a side-by-side comparison on the most popular Streamyx plans; “Streamyx Basic 1Mbps with modem” versus “Streamyx Blockbuster 1Mbps”.…

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The .whatever web address coming soon

SINGAPORE: A quarter-century after the creation of “.com,” the agency that assigns Internet addresses is loosening its rules and allowing suffixes named after brands, hobbies, political causes and just about anything else. Under the guidelines approved Monday, Apple could register addresses ending in “.ipad,” Citi and Chase could share “.bank” and environmental groups could go…

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More channels for Unifi subscribers

KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) has announced seven new premium channels to its IPTV offering, HyppTV. The new premium channels, which can be purchased by HyppTV subscribers separately, are Al Jazeera, tvN HD, National Geographics Adventure HD, National Geographics Music, SyFy HD, SS Music and Emas. News followers can opt for to Al Jazeera…

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