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WordPress is more than for blog

Most people don’t realize it; WordPress, the most popular blog platform is actually a darn good CMS (Content Management System) for websites other than blog. To prove my point, our development team has developed an online travel portal based solely on WordPress. The final result is… – The Unofficial Penang Travel Guide What so […]

Corporate Website Design Package Demo is Live

Remember that we have launched our brand new Corporate Website Design Package on 19 March? Well, now you can try out the demo before you buy so that you can expect what to get from the finish product. If you are looking for a demo of the CMS, please contact our sales representatives and that […]

Corporate Website Design Package by

After months of research analyzing global Internet practices and corporate clients’ requirements, we are pleased to introduce our latest solution! The Corporate Website Design Package, specifically developed for corporate level companies and organisations. 80% of our clients are corporate companies. With our sound understanding of the fundamentals of successful corporate Websites, our technicians and programmers […]

What makes a successful corporate website?

“Anyone can create a website!”, exclaim Kevin, my 12 years old nephew who just posted his first entry in his Blogger account. Like young Kevin, many people has this misconception. Even though what Kevin just did was something I can be proud of, but creating a successful corporate website is not a child play. It […]
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