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Review: Most popular free online business directories in Malaysia

Having a website is like building a house in the middle of a jungle. No one can reach you unless you build a road (or many roads) leading to your house. The more roads you have, the more visitors your house will receive. For a website, a link is considered as one of the "road". […]

Free Domain Name from Domain-For-Blogger campaign

Are you using as your blogging platform and your blog address is still something like If your answer is yes, here is a good news for you. You can convert your long and hard to remember blog address to something short and professional such as for FREE! That’s right. You can own […]

Must have free softwares for your company

Don’t waste your company IT budget on softwares you can get for free from the Internet. Some of these softwares are better than the “standard” commercial ones. Here is the list of all the highly recommended free softwares. You are advised to use the portable version. Since you don’t have to install it and it […]
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