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The .whatever web address coming soon

SINGAPORE: A quarter-century after the creation of ".com," the agency that assigns Internet addresses is loosening its rules and allowing suffixes named after brands, hobbies, political causes and just about anything else. Under the guidelines approved Monday, Apple could register addresses ending in ".ipad," Citi and Chase could share ".bank" and environmental groups could go […]

New .Biz and .ORG Prices

To accommodate the Registry Price Hike announced by the .BIZ and .ORG Registries, we will be increasing the Prices for .BIZ and .ORG Domains from the 31st of March, 2011 at 12:30 UTC (Time in your country). Following the hike, the Prices for .BIZ and .ORG will be as follows: gTLD Current Price (per year) […]

Domain Name Registration Trademark Scam

We received numerous queries from our clients regarding their domain names allegedly in risk of possible trademark dispute. This is a SCAM. Please ignore it. The Modus Operandi The aim of these scammers is to get their victims to register domain names with them at ridiculously expensive price. Their modus operandi is very simple. They […]

Revised pricing of domain names – It’s cheaper now!

What an exciting week from our domain name department. Not only we are reducing the price of our .CN domain names, we are doing to same to other extension as well. Here is the full list of revised pricing of our domain names as of today. Domain extensions Old Prices(per annum) New Prices(per annum) Yearly […]
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