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Dedicated Server

Whether you need a place to store your mega-sized audio files, game collection, or movie files, Dedicated Server has the space for you. Made to impress, the Dedicated Servers is specially designed for individuals who care enough to give the very best to the safety of their files, data and more.

There are a lot of good benefits to choose Dedicated Server for your hosting choice. Here are just a handful of them!

  • Gigantic Storage.

    With email itself consuming a lot of space, do not assume that 80GB of space you have now is sufficient to keep all your company’s crucial data. With this Dedicated Server plan, you are able to get a total space of 3 x 250GB massive worth of space which is big enough to store 19, 000 hours of digital music / 380, 000 digital photos / 700 hours of digital video / 100 exciting games!

  • Dedicated Resources.

    You have complete use and control of the Dedicated Server’s resources such as CPU, memory, disk space and bandwidth. This means you are able to run your large traffic website, application or service that requires high specification hardware without disrupting other users’ hosting account.

  • Optimum Performance.

    It does not take a genius to know that excellent technology equals excellent performance. With the cutting-edge technology used in this plan like the Intel Quad Core Xeon and 2048MB RAM, you will experience optimum web application performance, like never before.

  • Full Power.

    You are able to have root access to your Dedicated Server which allows you to have complete authority to control and administer your Dedicated Server the way you like it, for however you want it. You can even install special software, configure or tweak the Dedicated Server to your own particular needs. You be in control.

Recommended for:

  • Mission Critical Web Site

    Provide optimum availability and best performance crucially needed by your website.

  • Company Mail Server

    Improve your company productivity with reliable and efficient email communication.

  • Web Hosting

    Become a hosting reseller by dynamically create and resell web hosting.

  • High Traffic Forums

    Keep smooth and delightful surfing experience to large scale of forum visitors.

  • Coporate Portal

    Maintain and grow your online community with groupware & CMS to the greatest degree.

  • Media Streaming

    Captivate your audience with fast, but not furious high quality video/audio streaming experience.

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