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Bandwidth Speed Test

This tool is designed to help you decide the server location of our hosting plans.
You might want to select the server location with the fastest result for you or your targetted web visitors. Please read the FAQ.

Select server:


What does this test measure?

This test measures the throughput of the connection from your computer to our server.
The throughput of your Internet service is based on a number of factors, including the distance
between your home/office and our server, the number of “hops” from our server
to your computer, the performance of network servers and routers, the condition of any lines between
these two points, environmental factors, and your computer performance. Because many factors affect
throughput, your actual experience may vary. The results of this test could be affected by a number
of factors inside your home or business, and in the servers.

Why do I get very different results from different test servers?

Poor performance on one test server indicates the path from your machine to that test server is
currently congested or your home/office is too far from the server or too many “hops” from the server
to your computer.

What is the difference between Kilobits and KiloBytes?

Browsers and other file transfer agents tend to show speed in terms of kilobytes per second,
usually with one or two decimal places. Thus, you may see your browser report a “Transfer rate:”
being “XX KB/Sec”, (Audio and video playing applications tend to report the data rates needed or used,
in terms of kilobits. To convert from Kilobits to KiloBytes, just divide the figure by 8.

This page was last updated on 18th October, 2011
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