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How much you can save with Streamyx Blockbuster deals?

The latest promotion from Telekom Malaysia (TM) for its Streamyx broadband service is known as Blockbuster deals. Many people are still unaware of the huge savings they can enjoy with this Blockbuster deals promotion. Let us do a side-by-side comparison on the most popular Streamyx plans; "Streamyx Basic 1Mbps with modem" versus "Streamyx Blockbuster 1Mbps". […]

Review: Most popular free online business directories in Malaysia

Having a website is like building a house in the middle of a jungle. No one can reach you unless you build a road (or many roads) leading to your house. The more roads you have, the more visitors your house will receive. For a website, a link is considered as one of the "road". […]

PayPal finally comes to Malaysia

This is the most exciting news ever happen to Malaysia e-commerce scene. The long wait is finally over. Now you can receive or pay anyone in Ringgit Malaysia via PayPal; the popular online payment gateway based in USA. On top of that, you can withdraw the balance in your PayPal account to all banks in […]

How to use a custom domain name for your BlogSpot blog

You know why you must get your own custom domain for your BlogSpot blog. Firstly, you must register the desired domain name and managed DNS service. If you haven’t register both yet, you can do so here. Our domain names come with free Managed DNS service (only for selected extensions. More info here). After that, […]

WordPress is more than for blog

Most people don’t realize it; WordPress, the most popular blog platform is actually a darn good CMS (Content Management System) for websites other than blog. To prove my point, our development team has developed an online travel portal based solely on WordPress. The final result is… – The Unofficial Penang Travel Guide What so […]

Why you must use a domain name for your Blogspot blog?

Attention bloggers who blogs on blogspot ( platform. I only have one advice. Please get your own domain name and use it as custom domain for your blogspot account because, whatever happen to blogspot, your domain stays with you – forever! One classic example is blog of Malaysia’s ex prime minister; Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Previously, […]

How to create PDF file for free?

Have you ever receive a complain from your supplier or customer that they cannot open the PO or invoice you send to them because they don’t have the compatible software to open the file? Or, they can open it but it doesn’t display correctly because they are using out dated or different version of the […]

Major Online Credit Card Payment Gateways Comparison Chart for Malaysian

View our comparison chart of major online payment gateways that are available for Malaysian merchant to accept credit card from their customer.

Portable applications – why you must use them?

In Must have free softwares for your company, I have highlighted portable applications (portable apps) for many reasons. Before I go any further, a portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. When your USB flash drive, portable hard drive, […]

Must have free softwares for your company

Don’t waste your company IT budget on softwares you can get for free from the Internet. Some of these softwares are better than the “standard” commercial ones. Here is the list of all the highly recommended free softwares. You are advised to use the portable version. Since you don’t have to install it and it […]
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