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New Streamyx Packages – Combos

Posted on Mar 06 | 7 Comments | | Print this

TMNet Streamyx

TMNET announces new Streamyx Combo packages today. With this new packages, subscribers do not have pay home fixed line rental anymore. Previously, new subscriber without fixed phone line have no choice but to apply for new fixed phone line that comes with monthly rental of RM26.

Even though new subscriber who opt for this new packages do not have to bear the home fixed line rental, but the monthly subscription of Streamyx is a slightly higher than the normal Streamyx packages. Here is the comparison table between the normal package with fixed line rental and the new combo package.

  384Kbps with modem 512Kbps with modem 1Mbps with modem 2Mbps with modem 4Mbps with modem
Normal Combo Normal Combo Normal Combo Normal Combo Normal Combo
Streamyx subscription fee RM45 RM60 RM77 RM90 RM99 RM110 RM188 RM140 RM268 RM160
Phone line monthly rental RM26 Free RM26 Free RM26 Free RM26 Free RM26 Free
Monthly bill pay to TM RM71 RM60 RM103 RM90 RM125 RM110 RM214 RM140 RM RM160
Monthly bill saving RM11 RM13 RM15 RM74 RM134

Please note that subscriber still have to bear these charges…

Streamyx activation fee = RM75
Streamyx installation fee (optional) = RM88
Home fixed line stamp duty = RM10
Home fixed line Initial Deposit = RM75
Home fixed line activation fee = RM50
Home fixed line new wiring fee (less than 5m) = RM50

The voice call rates remain the same for all packages.

Existing Streamyx customers who want to upgrade have to cancel their current Internet account and subscribe the new Combo deal. Unfortunately, they will be required to pay all the activation fees, just like a new subscriber.

However, they will be able to retain their current phone number, a TMNet official said.

7 Responses to “New Streamyx Packages – Combos”

  1. i LIKE STREAMYX says:

    Wah!!! what a good deal that TM offer… even wothout fixed line rental.. this is what i looking and waiting for.. THANK TM!

  2. ek says:

    huh..good offer? i think there is no different with previous package..each month RM110 for promotion combo package..previous one is RM88+RM25=RM113,onli different RM3 ler..

    so wat for? “promotion”??

  3. Ben says:

    Actually, it comes with a modem. So the previous monthly subscription is RM99, not RM88.

  4. Chris says:

    Can trust it or not??
    Without phone fixed line?
    which mean that i can cancel my home phone line and continue to surf Internet?

  5. jalur merah says:

    Streamyx it’s coming the new package a (BLOCKBUSTER DEAL)

  6. nestle says:

    how to apply this? im a new using digi broadband..and i wanted to change to streamyx. requirements?

  7. Iris says:

    If I want to subscribe streamyx combo 110 for the very first time, do I still need to pay the activation fees & installation fees?

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