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More channels for Unifi subscribers

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NEW CHANNELS: (left) TM group's consumer executive vice-president Imri Mokhtar and New Media executive vice-president Jeremy Kung introducing the seven new additions to TM's HyppTV IPTV service.

KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) has announced seven new premium channels to its IPTV offering, HyppTV.

The new premium channels, which can be purchased by HyppTV subscribers separately, are Al Jazeera, tvN HD, National Geographics Adventure HD, National Geographics Music, SyFy HD, SS Music and Emas.

News followers can opt for to Al Jazeera while music aficionados can tune in to National Geographics Music and SS Music. Emas offers well-loved local television programmes such as Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu and Sinaran.

For those who prefer international fare, SyFy and tvN HD brings programmes from the United States and South Korea respectively. Documentary lovers will want to tune in to National Geographics Adventure HD.

Subscription prices for these channels range from as low as RM3 to RM9 per month.

TM also unveiled five video-on-demand (VOD) categories that offer local drama, documentaries and cartoons. The new VOD packages are called the Malaysian Package, Nature Package, Dino, Animasi and Galaxy.

The packages are priced at RM8 each and subscribers can view content in these packages for up to 30 days.

TM has also included YouTube and Facebook browsing as part of its interactive applications offerings on HyppTV. These are available for free.

With the inclusion of these new offerings, HyppTV now features 44 channels comprising 15 free channels and 29 premium channels. It also has 14 VOD categories and 11 interactive applications.

HyppTV is included in TM’s high speed broadband service, Unifi. According to the telco, there are currently 80,000 Unifi subscribers since its launch in March last year.


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