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Bulk SMS Marketing is now available at

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Ever engaged in an email marketing campaign that ended in a very poor and pathetic result? That is because your emails are most probably ended up in spam or junk folder or the recipients are ignoring your email thanks to hundreds of spams he/she receives daily. However with bulk SMS marketing, you can rest assured that almost every recipients will receive and view your marketing campaign via SMS.

That is why we are now including bulk SMS marketing service into the growing list of our service offering. With this bulk SMS marketing service, you can reach thousands of your subscribers, prospects or clients easily via a user-friendly web based control panel with the following features:

  • Import large list of subscribers into the SMS list via CSV file.
  • Personalize each SMS with customer’s info such as name, birth date and email.
  • Create marketing campaigns for easier management.
  • Bulk SMS with option to filter recipients by gender, age group and location.
  • Test sending before mass sending confirmation.
  • View SMS history.
  • Inbox (optional).
  • Ban list. Prevent SMS send to specified mobile numbers.
  • …and much more.

Registration is free and you will get 10 free SMS credits upon sign up so that you can try out the service yourself before committing for more SMS credits. The cost of one SMS starts at RM0.09. For more information, please refer to the product information page.

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